What to expect

when you hire Brett & Tori

You can expect the fear of missing moments on one of the best days of your life to completely diminish. Since our background is photojournalism, we are constantly scanning the environment for moments that would otherwise be forgotten. "20 years down the road..." is typically followed by something like, "...you'll forget the majority of your wedding day." Not on our watch. That ring that barely fit your swollen finger, that flower girl shamelessly picking her nose for all to see, or the mud on the bottom of your dress after walking through a stream to get the perfect shot. We've got you covered.

We've got your back

You can expect the fear of looking awkward in your photos to disappear. Every single person you've seen on this website are REAL people. No models. No styled weddings. 100% real. And you know what 99% of those people said before they spent time with us? "We're awkward in front of the camera." "We're not photogenic." "We've never done this before." Well guess, what? We must specialize in awkward people, because we ALWAYS make it work. You'll be overflowing with confidence by the time we're done photographing you. 

Beaming with confidence

You can expect to be posed, but not overly posed. Most people have never had their photos taken before. And that's ok! That's where we come in. We're not going to ask you to place your hands together in the shape of a heart. Heck, we hardly even ask you to look at the camera. Our photographs are about YOU. Don't get me wrong, we'll start you out in a pose and make sure there aren't any crazy double chins going on, but that's about where our direction stops. We'll ask you questions, tell you slow dance with your partner and give you prompts, but we won't create the moments for you. We'll only create the opportunity for your candid moments to spring up.


You can expect to form a bond with us. We get to know each other preeeeeetty darn good during our time together. We'll laugh together. We'll cry together. We'll tell stories together over coffee before your engagement shoot. By the time your wedding rolls around, we'll be bonafide friends. And you know what that means? You'll feel incredibly comfortable in front of our cameras. We won't be another vendor showing up on your wedding day. We'll know your "why." We'll represent your "why" in the most authentic way possible, because that's what friends do. 



You can expect us to have a major part of your timeline construction. Why? Because as great as wedding planners are, they're not often not photographically minded. We understand what time of day is best for photos, as well as how long they take. We will stand up for you if you REALLY want a specific moment captured, even if it means making your guests wait an extra 10 minutes. Because in the end, the photographs from your wedding day will be what's remembered, not how long it took to organize that sunset toast you had your heart set on being captured. 


If you think that sounds all sounds great, hit the link below to schedule a call with us. We'll hear what you have planned and why, and let you know if we're the right fit for you!






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